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Gana comisiones por recomendar nuestros productos gana hasta un 35% por cada suscripción.

Affiliate Program information and Conditions

Signalbull’s affiliate program was created with the aim of promoting signal services and acquiring new clients. To this end, Signalbull is associated with affiliates who have at their disposal multiple advertising tools (designed to promote signals) based mainly on the Internet (such as banners and links) that have been created by the program itself.

Thanks to these tools, and the commission plans it offers, this affiliate program is a good option for the  monetization of websites, blogs and social networks  whose subject matter is directly related to cryptocurrencies, making money on the Internet or financial markets in general. .

Signalbull commission plans

Regarding the commission plans, this affiliate program offers the following:

CPA: Consists of a fixed payment for each referred member who subscribes to one of our signal plans. Depending on the number of customers referred to, the commissions would be:

  • 25%  – 1 referral or more (basic)
  • 35%  – 10 referrals or more (premium)


Example:  A referred user who subscribed to a monthly signal plan of $ 49 would be earning  $ 12.25 for a basic affiliate  or  $ 17.5 for a premium affiliate,  if he gets 1 daily subscriber the monthly profit would be $ 525. Signalbull promotion resources.


With respect to advertising tools, signalbull offers a great variety of resources of this type to its members, which can be used according to the criterion and the needs of the associate, as long as it complies with all program regulations, especially those that relate to advertising practices of the type of spam. The main promotional resources offered by this affiliate program are described below.


  • GIF type banners  which come in several languages ​​and in different sizes. These banners can be placed in any section of a website or blog and are one of the most effective resources to promote signalbull.
  • Simple links and text links  (with words and phrases included) which like banners can be placed in any section of a website and allow redirect traffic to different pages of the signalbull site, especially the home page or the section for the purchase of subscriptions.
  • Landing pages  where the signal service is described.
    Soon it will offer other tools such as promotional e-mails, HTML banners, PDF files to promote them and others.

Start earning money in 4 simple steps

1. You register as affiliate

2. Share the products in social networks

3. People see your ads

4. Las personas compran usando tus links de afiliado.